Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'Real Estate - Days' - My favourite albums of 2011

Unlike my previous two favourites Real Estate's 'Days' was not a slow burner at all which probably means I'll be sick to death of it pretty soon. Although that's hard to imagine given how joyously catchy the jangly guitar pop of lead single 'It's Real' is. And they sound a lot like The Feelies too which is no bad thing as far as I'm concerned. Prep-pop anyone?

I'm having a competition all this week - if you leave a comment in any of this weeks blogs telling me your favourite album of 2011 you will be automatically entered into a lucky dip. The winner of the lucky dip will receive their very own cack-handed black and white illustration of their favourite album by me. And just to clear things up if you win it can be any album from any year but your comment must be a 2011 album.


Iain said...

hi Matt,

Good choice with Real Estate. I'll go with Efterklang- Magic Chairs, I think.


Iain said...

Shit. Was Magic Chairs really 2010?

Okay, okay... thinking, Nine Types of Light by TV on the Radio it is then.


Mat Pringle said...

No problem Iain. I'm not familiar with Magic Chairs so thanks for the heads up!