Friday, 22 February 2013

'Just a few of Cherrie's favourite things'

Another favourite things commission courtesy of my brother for his wife Cherrie. It's a little cuter, fluffier and Godly than I'm normally comfortable with but it's not really about me is it... 

Mine would feature a lot more Om, art, papadums, Midnight Cowboy, Frazzles, bicycles, Pavement, Heineken, Woody Allen, records, Steinbeck, horror soundtracks, Fugazi and about the same amount of tea.  Just so you know. 

I was making the commissions available to all but I've had to put them on hold as I've been so busy assisting in teaching a Graphics and Print-making course and preparing for Pick Me Up.  I'll let you know when they're available again.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Graphical Tree

My Giant Spirit Bear and Absurd Balloon illustrations are on display in the windows of The Graphical Tree near Oxford circus until the end of February.  It's a collaboration with London based design company Branch and printers The Graphical Tree.

I popped down last week to take some photos with a rubbish camera and my equally rubbish photography skills so please excuse the poor pictures. They really don't do the display justice which looks incredible.  I recommend you try and see it before it's replaced.  The shop is on the corner of Little Portland Street and Great Titchfield Street.

If anybody gets better photos please send them to me! 

Friday, 8 February 2013

'Never 99p' at Matthew's Yard

I'll be selling prints at 'Never 99p' at Matthew's Yard in Croydon tomorrow (Saturday 9th Feb) from 11 - 4 so come along and say hi. More info here.

In addition I'll be there with some aspiring print-making students from the BRIT School who will be selling their own prints as art collective 'Illustration Combination'.  I've been helping out in their graphics and print-making classes and the work they've created is brilliant.