Thursday, 22 May 2014

ASOS/Lynx collaboration

Earlier this year Puck Collective were invited to illustrate designs inspired by 'peace' for a new range of t-shirts for an ASOS/Lynx/Protein collaboration.  I decided to rework the Chinese symbol for Ying and Yang by making the two sides into Studio Ghibli/Adventure Time creatures.  The t-shirts are available now to buy here and you can also watch a short film of me and the other designers and illustrators (including Puck's very own Ruby Taylor) being interviewed about our inspiration.  Watch it here.  Lot's of studio pics too. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

'A Call to Arms' linocut print

'A Call to Arms' is a reduction linocut print I made for this years Pick Me Up exhibition and it's available now in my shop.  I had a grand plan to do a new linocut print every fortnight but that's fallen by the wayside.  In fact I barely made it into February due to other commitments but instead I've been experimenting with printing techniques and this was one of my first successful reduction prints (also known as suicide prints although I think that might be a bit melodramatic...).  

Buy the print here.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Inpress Commission

I was recently asked by Inpress Books to illustrate a poem by Melissa Lee-Houghton taken from her collection 'Beautiful Girls'.  I had the choice of anything in the book and ended up going for 'Blowjob'; feel free to insert your joke of choice here.  The illustration will feature on a range of promotional postcards.  You should all go and buy 'Beautiful Girls' as well.   

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Secret 7

Here's my Secret 7 submission from the exhibition a few weeks ago.  For this years effort I decided I'd try a linocut reduction print.  Which was quite ambitious given I've only ever done one before and it went pretty badly.  Plus working on a blank sleeve I only had one shot.  What follows is some work-in-progress pics of the lino from pencil sketch to being printed and also the finished sleeve in the hands of the eventual buyer.

The artwork was inspired by Massive Attack's 'Karmacoma' though admittedly it's more ambiguous than I usually work.  The square frame was a nod to the cover of Blue Lines.  

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Puck Collective at Pick Me Up

Puck Collective are currently exhibiting at Pick Me Up and our big day is tomorrow.  Come along and witness Andy War-Wall!  Combining illustration, costume, gaming and top trumps it promises to be a ridiculous/amazing event.

As always there's a selection of new prints available to buy from collective members but in addition you can buy your own set of Puck Trumps or even illustrate and design your own Trump.  I've got two brand new linocut reduction prints available to buy and also I'll be dressing up as the God of Tiddlywinks.  COME!