Thursday, 22 October 2015

'The Phantom Huntsman' print collaboration with Antiquated Press

It's been a long time coming but a collaborative print with Antiquated Press aka Joe Carr is finally available to buy.  'The Phantom Huntsman' is based on an illustration I did for my new zine FOLKGORE which Joe has lovingly recreated as an etching.  It's beautiful.  We did a little Q+A too which was great fun; read it here.

Joe is an incredible illustrator and printmaker and I feel really honoured to have been asked to collaborate on a project with him.  Below are some pics of the print as well as some of his original artwork.  Go furnish him with all your cash.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

'A Brief History of Scratching' illustration

Another editorial illustration for Fact this time for an article about an old love of mine; turntablism. We were keen to move away from the tired old hand hovering over a turntable aesthetic so I came up with a constellation map of various scratch techniques.

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