Saturday, 20 March 2010

Zombie Record Collectors?

Some slightly sinister draft sketches from a new project I'm working on - it's all a bit hush hush for now. The project doesn't really warrant sinister so it's back to the drawing board for me. I'm just finalising the artwork for Special Benny too which is exciting - think we've finally nailed a concept of sorts. And I've had virtually all the zine contributions in too which are looking proper aces. Unfortunately my initial screen-printing from home attempts weren't as successful as I'd hoped for so I'm gonna have to tweak exposure times and try some other tricks but I'll get the zine covers printed soon one way or another.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Jazz Cat

Not really sure where I was going with this bass playing jazz fella.  It's probably because I'm not much of a jazz head and as such he gets thrust into the annals of history along with all my jazz lps which are now gathering dust in Flashback Records.   

Monday, 8 March 2010

'The Boatmen' Taster

Just to prove I've been doing some artwork in the last couple of weeks here's a taster of a forthcoming print I'll be making very soon in my newly established home print studio!  I've been itching to get screen-printing again and I think I've finally amassed all the bits and pieces I need to get started.  I've got a big backlog of artwork to get printed and a zine to finish along with various other exciting projects so watch this space - 2010 will get underway by the end of March hopefully.  

Scott Campbell's 'Everybody, All The Time' exhibition

Scott Campbell's 'Eveybody, All The Time' exhibition opened on Thursday and I implore you all to go - his fantastical illustrations are skill.  I'm no good at saying stuff about things what I like but his artwork is aces and he draws ogres fighting knights and stuff so it appeals to the role-playing geek in me.  Details below.

BBC 6 Music

I've been away for ages due to no internetz.  Blame those thieving rob-dogs Virgin if you like.  Or if you've enjoyed my extended silence thank them.  It's up to you.

BBC 6 Music is under threat and I'm torn as to whether I care or not.  After all it's not like they're entirely void of vacuous idiots and assorted fuckwit presenters.  And they force their tedious dad-rock inspired playlists on us as well.  But they do play some good music (Pavement in the daytime!), it's not all play-listed cack and even though George Lamb is obviously a total cunt he's not Chris Moyles.  Besides someone needs to keep noodle-armed indie bore Steve Lamacq gainfully employed just so he's not on our streets scaring kids with his weird hair. 
Stewart Maconie's 'Freakzone' championing the likes of Voice of the Seven Thunders and Wolf People is reason enough to save BBC6.  Do it now - email the BBC at -