Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'Bonnie Prince Billy - Wolfroy Goes to Town' - My favourite albums of 2011

Following on from yesterday's post here's another of my favourite album from 2011 - Bonnie Prince Billy's 'Wolfroy Goes to Town'. Another slow-burner - had I not bought it on vinyl I think I would've given up on it after a few listens as it was entirely washing over me to begin with. It took a long time to click but I'm glad I persisted - it's stunning. Just goes to show how inherently evil MP3s are. Modern life really is rubbish.

As mentioned yesterday I'm having a competition - if you leave a comment in any of this weeks blogs telling me your favourite album of 2011 you will be automatically entered into a lucky dip; the winner of which will receive their very own cack-handed black and white illustration of their favourite album by me. And just to clear things up if you win it can be any album from any year but your comment must be a 2011 album.

This illustration took longer than I wanted it to and was almost entirely pointless given the cover is an illustration anyway so there was no scope to do much with it. It almost started me down a path whereby I wanted to include albums that have covers that'd be more fun to draw but that would render this exercise even more pointless than it already is.


linea said...

I didn't realise he even had one out this year. I must investigate this

Mat Pringle said...

Some dullards what I know are struggling to leave comments so for my benefit only and when it comes to picking a winner.

Jake Blanchard: Menagerie 3 comp.

Stewart Easton: Josh T Pearson

Jah Shabby: Andy Stott - We Stay Together

Neil Grace - EMA - Past Life Martyred Saints