Thursday, 15 December 2011

'White Denim - D' - My favourite albums of 2011

This nearly didn't make my best of 2011 simply because this cack-handed rendering is very bad indeed. It's so bad I gave up half way through. My only defence is the actual album cover is Photoshop hell although I suspect that's what they were going for. Musically the album is stonkingly good so I suppose I'll let them off. Wigged out psychedelic math rock or something. I should probably stick to drawing but on todays effort perhaps I need a new career path altogether... Watch this to witness the awesomez that is White Denim.

I'm having a competition all this week - if you leave a comment in any of this weeks blogs telling me your favourite album of 2011 you will be automatically entered into a lucky dip. The winner of the lucky dip will receive their very own cack-handed black and white illustration of their favourite album by me. And just to clear things up if you win it can be any album from any year but your comment must be a 2011 album.

And there's a very good chance it'll be much better than this as long as White Denim's 'D' isn't your favourite lp of the year.


Etienne said...

huh, for me: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - s/t

Reptile said...

And for me - Frootful 'Colours' but I'd much rather you did me a pic of Wowee Zowee!

annie said...

Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride