Monday, 25 April 2011

The Film One proto copy

Here's a sneak preview of the proto copy of 'The Film One'. I've spent the Easter weekend attempting to get it printed at various places but thanks to the resurrection many shops haven't been open. Selfish resurrection.

Finally found a place - nice print quality but at 0.08p a side it's a little dear - gonna cost me £2.50 ish for each one and the paper at 100gsm is too heavy for my puny stapler. As if that wasn't enough I exposed the screen on Saturday which I left to dry in the sun only to return to it flat on the ground with a hole in courtesy of a freak gust of wind. It didn't hit the part of the screen with the artwork so I tried a test pull and it came out okay (see pics) but the finer detail of Stewart Easton's terrific 'The Wicker Man' piece got lost in translation. That's one of the limitations of screen-printing unfortunately.

As it is rather than change image I think I'm going to get the covers printed conventionally. This will mean it's not screen-printed but I'm not convinced many people really care that much - given the choice between a poorly screen-printed cover and a pristine laser printed cover I suspect most people would go for the latter.

My mac died last month so I've been compiling all the work for layout on a laptop with a trial version of CS5 which ran out today. All these things are conspiring against me for final tweaks etc but I will be getting it printed tomorrow and it will be available for sale by the end of the week.

Then I'm off to San Francisco for three months leaving my poor mother to deal with sending out orders. I'm nice like that.

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Paul Bommer said...

Looks excellent Mat, and I can't wait to see it for real. Great news about SF - make sure you stay in touch - and have a great time.

Paul B