Monday, 18 April 2011

The Charles Pieman comic strip

Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been in Scotland for a week of altitude training in preparation for the London Marathon. I did a bit of running, drank some beer and did some drawing. Which could explain my rather average running time of four hours and forty minutes for the actual event. My upper legs cramped up badly at the eighteenth mile and I grimaced my way through the last few miles. It was an experience. The jury is still out on exactly whether it was a positive one or not...

I did manage to get a fair bit of drawing done a lot of which needs a bit of refining yet but here's an early draft of a section of comic strip I want to do. It'll be low on dialogue and high on fantastical dramatics all played out by Charles Pieman a deeply unhappy overweight North London local government clerical assistant.

Tons of stuff happening elsewhere too - I'm doing my best to get the zine finished this week so people can buy it by the weekend for my promised mid (!) April release. Had some last minute layout issues and discovered I had a free spread to fill and it seemed a shame to go to waste so Scottish based illustrator Rob Johnson stepped up to the challenge and nailed an ace submission in twenty four hours or so.

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