Friday, 29 April 2011

The Absurd Balloon screenprint

In a flurry of activity before I go to San Francisco I'm trying to get my shop up-to-date so finally here is 'The Absurd Balloon' print as promised at least thee months ago. Initially it was a bigger run but I had a lot of problems with printing so there's only twenty five now. I will be doing a run of the alternative design as featured on Threadless if they choose not to print it (which is looking increasingly likely). Not quite sure how I'm supposed to get printed on Threadless at this point - that submission was in the top ten for scoring for its entire run and finished on a very respectable 3.19 and yet I haven't heard anything. I suppose I could go the cutesy root or throw in some pop culture references but I'd rather stick to doing my own thing.

'The Film One' is all but ready to go to except I haven't found a powerful enough stapler to bind it yet. Any suggestions would be welcome at this point - I considered stapling the innards together and leaving the cover loose like a book-jacket but it's far from ideal. Whatever happens it will be available for sale from tomorrow and once the first hundred or so are gone I won't be able to print anymore until I get back from SF in July. You snooze you lose.

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