Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Zine Sketches Take 3 - RD Burman

Here's another failed drawing of mine for the zine - Bollywood super producer R D Burman. If you're not familiar a pox on you. Here's a few tasters for the uninitiated - Dum Maro Dum, Janu Meri Jan, Piya Tu Ab To Aaja and One Two Cha Cha Cha (which segues into the stonking opening theme of Shalimar).

I actually like this effort - I may make some prints at some point but don't hold your breath. This year seems to have seen a remarkable increase in my productivity combined with a confusing decrease in actual finished prints and work. Apparently I need a manager - form an orderly queue.

Apologies for the break - just got back from a week's holiday in Southwold.

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ramya said...

Thank you Mat for making this! Todays his birthday, Rd's, I am listening to a radio show playing his songs, and just thinking of making a sketch.