Sunday, 18 July 2010

Menagerie Compilation on Vinyl

Illustrator, print-maker and freak-folk fanatic Jake Blanchard asked me to do some artwork for his forthcoming Menagerie compilation featuring exclusive songs by the likes of Akron/Family, Wood Shjips and Wooden Wand. The concept was for each song to be interpreted by an illustrator for an accompanying zine - I got The See See and a swirling slice of glorious West Coast tinged psychedelia called 'Up The Hill'.

Anyway here's a sneak preview of Jake's stunning sleeve artwork for the vinyl which you can pre-order now via his website. Not only are the tracks fantastic (and unavailable anywhere else) but you also get the zine featuring the cream of contemporary illustrators like Pete Fowler and Andrew Rae and as if that wasn't incentive enough the first fifty orders get a free screen-print. GO!

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