Saturday, 31 January 2009

Alex Pardee - 'Letters from Digested Children' exhibiton

Here are a few pictures from Alex Pardee's recent exhibiton I managed to catch whilst in San Francisco last month. His illustration never totally did it for me in the past - it always seemed a bit nu-rave colour wise but having seen some of his paintings and detailed ink work on clay-board in the flesh I've changed my mind. It's incredible stuff - particularly the ink work where he's painstakingly scratched tiny added detail into the clay-board - a technique I will no doubt be chancing my arm at in the near future if I can ever find some clay-board to buy.

The event itself was rammed on opening night with hipsters as far as the eye could see and a one-in-one-out door policy - despite this Alex stood happily in the middle of the chaos signing and smiling the night away. I think the giclee prints sold out pretty quickly but there are still some original works available to buy and the book is worth grabbing to. You can't really go wrong with monsters and half-digested children as far as art exhibitions go.

I've been slack on the blog front of late trying to sort out a flat in London but I'm happily back at Print Club for an all dayer tomorrow where I'll be screen-printing the artwork I originally did for MuTate Britain before it all went tits up. Watch this space for an up-date in a few days!

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