Thursday, 15 January 2009

California record haul

Here are the lps I managed to find on my recent trip to California - I snagged most of them in Amoeba Records in Berkley and in the one on Haight Street (where incidentally I saw DJ Shadow skipping merrily along on Boxing Day - think there was some kind of Quannum in-store at one of the trainer shops) but also got a few at various random second hand book shops in and around Santa Cruz. Nothing particularly rare but a few country/folk records I've been on the look out thanks to a great thread from Little Jimmy Oddman on the Very Good Plus forums and I didn't pay much more than $2 for most of those. I'm still not sure if I made a huge error not buying the recent Dario Argento 'Blood is Red' limited edition (250) vinyl box set featuring five of his most infamous soundtracks and including the outstanding shit-yer-pants-scary prog meets proto-hip-hop of Goblin's 'Profondo Rosso'. When I was in SF last summer the pound reigned supreme rendering everything virtually free however times have changed and $75 was better spent on snowboarding passes and three days of hobbling around like Harold Steptoe...

I also managed to bag some Pentangle and Laura Nyro's 'Stoney End' 7" which like much of the stuff isn't rare but is a bit special. Oh and the flash-destroyed lp bottom right is the Oxes most recent lp featuring the controversially* banned drugs, tits and ass cover.

*the only controversy being they banned it themselves for some publicity.


Anonymous said...

Nice haul! No Californian Soul though?

Mat Pringle said...

I'm afraid not - I think KFC and a god-awful dance version pretty much killed that song for me.

Besides isn't it rather expensive these days?