Saturday, 20 December 2008

Favourite things of 2008

It's that time of year for people who's opinions mean next to nothing to come up with lists of willfully obscure records and what-not they've been enjoying. So here's mine - it means even less than all the others but hopefully maintains some level of willful obscurity.


Hush Arbors - Self-titled [ecstatic peace]

Deerhunter - Microcastle [4ad]

Lords - Everyone is People [gringo records]

I also rather liked Mogwai's 'The Hawk is howling', Portishead's '3', Grails 'Take Refuge' and Xela's 'In Bocca Al Lupo'.

Favourite gigs included an eventful night out to see Supreme Vagabond Craftsman at the Half Moon in Herne Hill in February where the highlight of the night wasn't getting the bus home with the band, my first Lords gig at the Cross Kings in March, Comets on Fire and more significantly the absolutely amazing Voice of the Seven Woods at the Luminaire in July, an ear-splitting line up of Oxes, Bilge Pump and Lords again at the Luminaire and possibly the highlight of the year Yeasayer at King's College Student Union in August. On top of that the B-Music endorsed Llama festival was smashing (although missed the feedback-drenched-granny-scaring-VOTSW antics of the previous year) highlights included a delightfully initmate Sam and the Plants show at the Old Cinema, the aces Twinkranes confusing local fellas (with their slightly adrogynous drummer) enough to make the in-breds both punchy and I suspect horny, and Wolf People doing their best to ease me through a hangover on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I also got introduced to Andy Votel and proceeded to act like a star-struck twelve year old girl. Good going me...


I guess I should limit this to the ones I actually got my grubby mitts on - shame...

Dave Kinsey - Regeneration

Heiko - Hellbent

Nigel Peake - Shed IV

Probably my favourite thing of all though was Print Club London and Fred, Rose and Kate. Thanks doods.

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