Thursday, 4 December 2008

Business cards and wrestlers

The perfect combination.

The business cards were such a pain to do even though they're only one colour - I didn't do myself any favours by not including some kind of template which was fine until I had to screenprint the rear of the card - getting them to sync-up was horrible and involved a minor strop on my part followed by a kebab (Super Kebab in Dalston is the shit as far as kebabs go) and numerous red stripes before a sense of calmness was restored.

I'm also struggling to get decent photos of the wrestlers framed but here's a taster for now. I'm definitely going to have them on-line by the weekend. Speaking of which I'm going to be screen-printing at MuTate Britain again on Saturday from 5.30pm so come along and laugh as I attempt something a little more ambitious than a poster which will be available to buy at the exhibition from Monday. More to follow...

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