Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wrestler's Milk - mmmmmm good!

Having spent the last 48 hours getting my new illustration together for the MuTate show I set off for Print Club with high hopes only to arrive an hour or so later to find Print Club had been evicted from the exhibition.  Baws.  I wouldn't mind but the 149 bus is fast becoming my own personal hell...  I haven't got the entire story but knowing Fred he probably got a bit punchy and aggressive and kicked off.   

I'm not totally disappointed and I fully intend to get the screenprints done at Print Club this week so watch this space - I'm really happy with the illustrations.

In the meantime after some interweb poking from Anders I have come up with a milk carton design which has something to do with a record label called Jazz and Milk although I think I missed the deadline.  Oh well...  Enjoy Wrestler's Milk.  

And there's a free carton of milk with every set of wrestlers purchased for a limited time only!