Friday, 29 July 2011

San Francisco - The Records

There's a couple more San Francisco blogs to come but I'm waiting on some photos from Annie. I got back yesterday and I'm feeling a bit jaded with England. In the meantime here are most of the records I got whilst in the US. Believe it or not I'd barely bought a record in the previous twelve months before leaving but they're so much cheaper over there it felt rude not too. I think the most I paid on a record was the new Fucked Up lp which was $20 (£12 or so) but the majority of these were between $2 and $5. Budget buys rule okay.

I've set up a record deck in my make-shift studio and spent the day listening to my purchases which has cheered me up no end. Viva la vinyl.


anders said...

Looks like a good haul!

Farnell said...

loving your record stash - that 'the National' album is amazing