Sunday, 10 July 2011

George B. McClellan

Since arriving in California I have been illustrating virtually every day often for several hours at a time which for me is very prolific. Much of it has been purely experimenting with different mediums and techniques and some of it will be made in to prints when I get back to the UK but I've been keeping it all rather quiet for now. Probably the biggest break-through was the discovery of blue non-photo pencils for drafting work. I knew of them but could never track one down in London, however they're really easy to find out here and they are so nice to use. I can't really explain why they're any different to regular lead pencils but I think the fact that they are so light allows me to ink more effectively later on. The page doesn't get dirty in the drafting stage and it's really easy to eliminate the blue lines once scanned although I rather like seeing the faint blue lines so I've tended to leave them in for the purposes of this blog.

Below is an illustration of George B. McClellan who was a Major General for the Union Army in the American Civil war. I stumbled on him in a book whilst cat-sitting in the Tenderloin and felt the urge to draw him just to test out my new blue non-photo pencil which you'll be able to see if you click on the picture for a close-up.

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