Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Return of the Absurd Balloon

I've reworked 'The Absurd Balloon' for Threadless dropping the unpopular frame in favour of a less restrictive backdrop to let the beastie sail in more freely. It's doing remarkably well at the moment and has been the best scored submission of the last two days which really helps in terms of getting it printed but I have noticed the score dipping more and more as each day passes so I would really appreciate you scoring it high and commenting if you have a moment.

The scoring system has changed on Threadless since I last submitted and now it's visible throughout the scoring period which basically means you can gauge how well a design is doing fairly quickly. Anything over three is scoring fantastically so if I can keep 'The Balloon Absurd' in the threes I'll be stoked and may win $2500. Which would be nice.

If you cut and paste your comments from the site into this blog and it prints I will reward you by way of thanks!

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1 comment:

farnell doodles said...

Cracking work mate - hope it prints