Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rad stuff to buy - March

Here are some rad prints, books etc that have come out in the last few weeks that I have bought/will be buying/recommend you all buy. Who says I'm a shameless self-promoter? No seriously who has been saying it? It's hurtful.

Deth P Sun just put out this rad new screenprint. It arrived on my doorstep this morning and I also got a free zine but you might not. But you probably will. I hope you don't mind I've adopted an American doofus approach to writing this morning. Click on the pictures to be swept magically to the appropriate websites.

Here's a not very interesting story involving Deth P Sun. In fact I have two not very interesting Deth P Sun stories. When I met Annie at a Supreme Vagabond Craftsmen gig of all places I was wearing a Deth P Sun 'Oakland' t shirt. Annie thought this was awesomez as she comes from Orinda which is a posh bit of California next to Oakland which is a not very posh bit of California. If you're struggling to get a picture of this in your mind's eye perhaps you could use the Webb Estate (Orinda) and the Roundshaw Estate (Oakland) to guide your comparison although I appreciate this is perhaps only useful to people with a geographical knowledge of Croydon. The next Deth P Sun story involved me buying a screenprint from him featuring a rad illustration he did of the Bay Area for Annie as she was feeling home sick and I am if nothing else a conscientious boyfriend. I am also a pest when buying prints and such and so asked Deth (first name terms see) to write something nice on the back of the print. He point blank refused suggesting it was not something he'd feel comfortable doing and instead drew me an original illustration of his cat holding aloft two San Francisco landmarks the names of which escape me for the moment. He went onto make a print of that very illustration. Fascinating.

Next up is Lizzie Stewart's rad new book 'Toska' which she has bravely published herself. The first fifty orders come with a rad print as well although I imagine these have already been gobbled up by greedy folk. She will be releasing the print individually though which is excellent news as it's stunning. I mean rad of course. I haven't got any Lizzie Stewart stories but she does contribute to my occasional zines for which I am very grateful.

Rich Kelly has just put out another rad print - to be honest I'm getting a bit fucked off with him because apparently he wants to own all my money by putting out the best prints on earth. It's his fault I'm a 33 year old man living at my mum's home surrounded by tubes of prints. Well it's not entirely but if I ever catch up with him I'll be torn as to whether I want to buy him a drink for being so good or chinning him for taking all my paypal tokens.

His latest print is inspired by Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and it's rad. It's also sold out in his shop but UK folk can grab one by clicking on the picture below.

Some dood called Jeral Tidwell just put out this rad print. I can't say I know anything about Jeral Tidwell or have any stories about him but it's all kinds of nice innit. I actually think this print may have sold out already - I can't see it on his website anymore.

Micheal Sieben put out this rad print a little while ago. Sieben (not on first name terms) is a rad illustrator from the United States of America who I've wet-tipped in the past. I have no Sieben stories. Perhaps one day I will furnish you with Sieben stories as we will most probably be best buds when I move to the United States of America and I will be allowed to call him Micheal.

I wasn't going to include this rad t-shirt by Travis Millard as it's been out for a while now and it's hella dear. Hella dear. See how I combined Cali speak with English nan speak? Rad. Anyway it's probably the best t shirt ever invented. Except if my 'Absurd Balloon' gets made by Threadless which thanks to you people may even happen given it's all conquering final score.

I haven't got any Travis Millard stories either except the one where he didn't want to be in my "shitty little zine" as he doesn't get his "crayons out for less than five hundred dollars". I may have embellished this bit a little to make him look bad. We probably won't be best buds when I move to the United States of America and I will specifically try and come between him and Sieben and stop them being best buds simply for not doing my zine. This will ultimately eat me up inside though as Millard is my favourite illustrator in the world and I think I'll begin to resent being best buds with Sieben as he's not quite as good at drawing as Millard. I'll probably get ill or something.

Okay last one. Finders Keepers Records have just released 'Ritual' by David Pinner - 'the original seed from which grew the towering movie enigma the Wicker Man'. Click on the picture for more information. I have got an Andy Votel story but it would be a breach of my professional ethics to tell it here. Besides which it's not that exciting but he is contributing to my "shitty little zine" so fuck you Millard.

Right I think I'm done. Buy all this shit - it will make you a better person.

Oh and thanks to Mitch at OMG Posters for posting my 'Toys' print yesterday - always appreciated. He is a god amongst men within the poster community.

Apologies for the rambling post - I think it's banged on a bit because I have zine layouts to do and as I've said many times before In Design is a cock so I don't want to do them.

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