Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Film One - Midnight Cowboy

Contributions for 'The Film One' zine have been coming thick and fast the last two weeks - I've had some incredible contributions so far from the likes of Lizzie Stewart, Paul Bommer, Freya Harrison, Peter Locke, Josceline Fenton and many more besides. Similarly to 'The Music One' I've been struggling to pick my favourite film to draw - 'Midnight Cowboy' was a strong contender from the start but this early pencil sketch didn't really seem to navigate me towards anything very inspiring/stylistic so it got discarded in the 'could-do-better' pile. I've since moved onto another favourite - more details to follow.

I was sad to hear 'Midnight Cowboy' soundtrack composer John Barry passed away last week - the OST is my favourite soundtrack lp. It's one of the few soundtracks I can happily play from start to finish including the beautifully haunting title track, 'Floriday Fantasy', some wigged out acid-fried psychedelia and this particularly stonking soul strut.

John Barry RIP.

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film_maven said...

What a great life John Barry led- some fantastic music- Everyone was so busy mentioning Bond films (they are good) - I think some of the lesser known scores, like "Midnight Cowboy" are really terrific.