Monday, 31 January 2011

The London Marathon - raising money for Coral and David Stott

This year I'm running in the London Marathon and I will be raising money for my friends Coral and David Stott. Coral was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease last year.

Here are some words from Gill, Coral's daughter regarding a fundraising event that has been organised for next weekend;

"For those of you who don't know our mum's condition has worsened considerably over the past year and they have now had to have a lift installed in their home as mum can no longer manage the stairs. This is just one of the modifications they have had to make to allow mum to stay in her own home more safely. Our dad has had to cut back his hours but they are still not entitled to any help from the government and the lift, even though reconditioned, was still £6500 not including all the structural work to install it! Those of you who know mum and dad know they don't find it easy accepting help but lots of people have said they would like to do something to help so we thought that we could arrange a really good night out for all our friends and help to raise some money for mum and dad at the same time.

We really hope the night will raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (a really cruel illness that is not well known and we have yet to find a cure for) as well as the MNDA a charity there to help sufferers and their families. And of course to raise lots of money! Which will help with the financial strain that this is causing."

Any money I raise in addition to the fundraising event will be given directly to Coral and David to help with their financial situation. Their son Doug has set up a bank account for money raised and if you would like to sponsor me I will send you the appropriate details to make a donation - email me at Alternatively I'll collect any donations after the event in person - old school! I will also make a note of donations on this blog as and when I get them. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Sponsors so far:

M. Loomes - £20*
E. Doran - £40*
L. Evans - £10*
A. Dods - £20*
A. Pringle - £26
V & G Russell - £40*
P & T Dods - £20*
P. Forsyth - £25*
A. Marks - £10
Mr and Mrs Marks - £10
A. Soppitt - £10*
H. MacKinnon - £20*
T. Cox - £10*
W. Coles - £10*
J. Wigzell - £5*
L. Sparey - £26*
R. White - £20*
N. White - £20*
M & J Pearce - £30*
N. Wells - £10*
C. Dawson - £42*
D. Ovett - £5
B. Lenton - £10
R. Sparrowhawk - £10
S. Radivojev - £10*
S. Wood - £10*
W. Hemens - £50*
C. Broom - £20*
P. Hamilton - £30*

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