Friday, 8 January 2010

Johnny Cash inspires zine from beyond the grave!

This was a Christmas present for Annie that took several attempts but I'm pretty happy with the final outcome - biggest thing for me when trying to draw more realistically is stepping away for a moment and not over-baking the detail.

It also got me thinking about a new project - 'draw your favourite musician/singer'. Granted the title needs work - it's not very punchy and I could probably do with making some kind of promotional etching or something but I've managed to rope in some of my favourite illustrators and designers already which is super-exciting. At this stage it looks like it's going to be an A5 portrait zine with a 2 colour screen-printed cover and greyscale laser printed innards but if I manage to sort out a make-shift screen-printing studio in my mum's garage quickly enough I may make it a small print collection instead. Oh and my contribution will not be Johnny Cash for he is Annie's favourite not mine.

If anyone is keen to contribute email me at - more information to follow.

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