Sunday, 24 January 2010

Field Trip: The Natural History Museum

Suffering from a severe bout of creative constipation I decided a field trip was in order and what better way to loosen the ol' doodling stool than an afternoon spent doing shitty sketches of birds and such. It's vaguely interesting to note that my need for creative laxatives comes at the peak of my sobriety having not drunk in 2010. Apologies for the A-level art sketches...

Many Crunchies were consumed and much beer pined for.

Shitty Bald Eagle

Polar [Beer] Bear

This feathery twat is called a 'Gurney's Pitta' - insert bad kebab joke here.

Another of the A-Level art class

1 comment:

Annie said...

When you go natural history museum you are supposed to draw the animals, not short japanese girls. pedo.

just kidding! love the drawings. esp beer o clock bear