Sunday, 8 November 2009

Zine C

Fellow Print Club member, illustrator and all round nice fella Jake Blanchard asked me to contribute something for his next zine 'C' released through Tor Press. Past issues have included work by fantastic illustrators like Stuart Kolakovic and Tom Fewings so I was more than happy to submit work for him despite my intense schedule of late. Plus he put outs brilliant compilations of drone and freak folk featuring the likes Voice of the Seven Woods and Hush Arbors. How could I possibly refuse.

I set about doing an epic horror 'C is for...' illustration which featured crucifixes, corpses and crows all piled up on top of each other but it was all a bit much so I ended up focusing on the crow in more detail. So whilst it's not particularly high-concept (anyone spot a trend?) I'm very happy with it although I'll be the first to admit it loses something without colour which is a shame. Hopefully when I get back to Print Club in December (assuming they'll have me again) I'll do a huge colour screen-print of it.

Apologies again for the lack of posting - still juggling Special Benny album artwork and the Big Antidote project (not to mention making my No Face costume from Spirited Away for Halloween) so I haven't had a minute to spare.

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