Friday, 13 November 2009

Big Antidote

At this summers Print Club poster show by chance I met up with James of Cure Studios who mentioned an ambitious illustration/comic project he was about to embark on. He's not shy of a little hard work when he gets an idea and that was evident from the 'Power in Numbers' show but his new brain-child 'Big Antidote' is something else again.

The basic premise is one illustrator draws a section of the comic then the baton is passed on to someone else to continue the story. Repeat ten times. Then do ten different stories in the same way. After which all the stories are screen-printed for an exhibition sometime in 2014 if he has to deal with people like me for the remainder of the project...

I obviously jumped at the opportunity as I love comics and I think the concept is brilliant. I didn't count on the amount of work involved in producing one tiny eight panel strip. I sketched everything out separately thinking it'd be easier to layout, colour and add text at the end. It was not easier. Very much not easier. It was fucking painful truth be told.

Anyway here's some taster sketches for now - check out the website to get involved and follow it as it progresses.

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mel said...

thats fuckin awesome.