Friday, 21 August 2009

New Jim O'Rourke lp!

With the singing and the geetars and such and no endless fucking drones or anything!

This is the most fantastic news I have received all day. Although it is still the morning. And it makes my blog simply because he's responsible for three of my favourite lps ever. Despite Annie calling him old man rock. What does she know anyway? The Gaslight Anthem couldn't be anymore generic and dad rock if they tried. Springsteen-lite hernia vocals going on about women, whiskey, denim and hometowns. Clarkson inspired dad rock squared.

I digress.

More info here.

Interview here.

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Annie said...

Hey! Leave my bands out of it! Enjoy your month and a half of listening to curry house music and old man rock in peace. I love you cuteness.

Annie x