Friday, 14 August 2009

Beautiful Winner!

In a bizarre turn of events a piece of my artwork has been selected for the 'Beautiful Losers' affiliated exhibition DIY London Seen off the back of a Myspace competition of all things. Weird seeing as I only really use Myspace for keeping up with bands and tours these days but I'm stoked all the same.

"DIY LONDON SEEN will include work by Ivory Serra and Cheryl Dunn, who photographed the origins and rise of the Alleged Gallery and its Artists in the US, alongside a group of emerging Artists living and working in London, who are currently creating work with a similar freedom of spirit. Harmony Korine, Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Jo Jackson, Thomas Campbell, Deanna Templeton, Stephen Powers, Chris Johanson, Mike Mills and the late Margaret Kilgallen were part of a seminal artistic movement in 1990’s American suburbia, creating their own artistic subculture and a unique form of ‘outsider’ art that laid a foundation for many young artists working all over the world today. Their doodles and artistic experiments began on the streets of their individual hometowns as a sideline to the skate and drug culture that was part of their teenage years, often in the form of graffiti, signs or tags on trains. Having been brought together by Aaron Rose in his now legendary ‘Alleged Gallery’ in New York, their powerful artworks were soon making their mark not only in the US but across the globe; becoming an inspiration for a new generation of Artists working all over the world today."

For more information click here - the exhibition starts next Thursday. In the meantime I will be accepting applications for a lucky individual to accompany me on the night seeing as my girlfriend has deserted me for sunny California!

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Annie said...

Whoever goes with you isn't allowed to put out. However you can take Rick - he does good cuddles.