Friday, 21 November 2014

'The Ace of Spades' screen print

The 'Ace of Spades' is a limited edition screen-print based on an illustration I did earlier this year. My original source of inspiration was the Motorhead song of the same name but I ended up veering into darker more Satanic realms. It was inked in a couple of long and intense sessions soundtracked by the likes of Om, Sleep, Sunn O))) and Black Sabbath which probably explains a little as to how it turned out.

 Each print is a hand-pulled two coloured screen-print - silver and black - on heavy weight paper measuring 50cm x 70cm. The print run is just 18 and each one is numbered with a signature. Each print will vary ever-so-slightly as I work from a fairly lo-fi printing set up but this adds to the charm of each piece.

 The photos don't really do it justice; the silver looks fucking amazing!…/211965040/ace-of-spades-limited-edit…

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