Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Secret 7 - 'The Beast'

I think it's safe to reveal my Secret 7 sleeve artwork now the exhibition is finished and all the records have been sold.  I decided to illustrate Laura Marling's 'The Beast' which given the option of Nas, Public Enemy and Nick Drake wasn't the most obvious choice for me - I fucking love 'Benny and the Jets' too - but 'The Beast' moved me more from an illustration perspective.  Besides Nas hasn't made a decent record since 'Illmatic', Public Enemy haven't made a decent record in twenty years and I over played Nick Drake records as a student.

It's a challenge to work straight onto the sleeve with no fuck ups but having done Secret 7 in 2012 I felt more confident about it and I actually really like this illustration especially the colours (although my scanner has flattened them somewhat) and  I can't often say that about my work.  I'd love to hear from the person that bought it too. 

Amazing work again from Kevin at Secret 7 - such a terrific event and all for charity too - this year was for Art Against Knives.  Looking forward to next years already!

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