Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pick Me Up 'Puckleduster' teaser number two.

Here's another teaser from my 'Oh The Horror!' prints for Pick me Up which opens on Thursday at Somerset House.  I'll be posting a few of these illustrations up over the next few days, some that made it and others that didn't.  I wanted to draw objects and signifiers from my favourite horror films and create an elaborate poker card hierarchy for them with four different horror film types (folk horror, satanic/pagan horror, slasher and possession) representing the suits (with their own symbols as well[!]) but it all got a bit convoluted and the overall design suffered. I may still make a zine from the concept if I get moment.

This early one didn't make the final cut as it's too specific to the film and also I wanted to avoid illustrating people.  I wanted the final print to reference horror movies but in such a way that they weren't so explicitly tied to one film and would also appeal to the occasional horror film fan, greasy fifteen year old metaler and casual serial killer alike. I struggled with signifiers from this particular film as well very nearly drawing a stuffed crocodile but deciding it was a little too obscure even by my standards.
I'm keeping quiet about the actual films for now; I want to have a competition to see who can spot the eighteen references in the final print.  Anyway I'm rambling.  Come to Pick Me Up and visit the Puck Collective 'Puckleduster' tattoo parlour.  It's going to be some devilish fun. 

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