Thursday, 3 November 2011

'When the Wolf People came...' tour posters

Yesterday I managed to do the second layer of ink for a Wolf People tour poster I designed and illustrated last month - it couldn't have gone any better frankly. Without wishing to give too much away here are some pictures during the printing session. It'll be a run of forty five or so prints, half of which will be available on the night and half I'll sell direct from my shop.

After a few false starts I think I've finally got the hang of printing from a wonky home set-up and to be honest these prints wouldn't have turned out any better had I done them at a print studio. It's all very exciting - I'm hoping to put out a new print every fortnight or so from now on. If you need tour posters done email me at


iamjamieknightillustration said...

Man i love these and I love the colours you use in your prints. I am so jealous of your home screen printing successes. I have a lino press which is awesome but my home screen printing endeavours haven't been such a great success.

Mat Pringle said...

Thanks Jamie - I must confess I never quite got the hang of lino printing but would love to have another go at some point.

If you need any practical guidance re: screen-printing from home email me. It's a slow-going slog for the most part with lots of potential for failure but when it works it feels amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow - these are cool. If I can't wangle one of my bro (Jack) - I'll deffo buy one!

Farnell said...

these are awesome