Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Richard Brautigan portrait

I have a fair bit of artwork to put up on the blog from a fortnight of drawing but I'm still without Photoshop so even the simplest cropping and colour tweaks are proving tricky. In the meantime here's a speedy portrait I did of Richard Brautigan based on the cover of his classic novel 'Trout Fishing in America'. On a recommendation I managed to find a beaten up copy in Phoenix Books in Noe Valley yesterday for a few dollars; after a couple of weeks of creative inspiration last night I was blank so I reached for the nearest thing to draw. Richard Brautigan cuts a lean and dandy figure in the photograph which incidentally was taken in San Francisco's Washington Square. The same cannot be said for his female companion - all I'm saying is don't shoot the illustrator...

The portrait was done with dipping pen and indian ink with an additional ink wash. For some reason the darker washes bled a bit - I'm not sure if this was from erasing the pencil lines after the line-work had been completed [prior to the washes] - I know sometimes if I erase pencil lines prior to doing my line work this can make the paper more prone to bleeding. Any technical guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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