Monday, 8 March 2010

BBC 6 Music

I've been away for ages due to no internetz.  Blame those thieving rob-dogs Virgin if you like.  Or if you've enjoyed my extended silence thank them.  It's up to you.

BBC 6 Music is under threat and I'm torn as to whether I care or not.  After all it's not like they're entirely void of vacuous idiots and assorted fuckwit presenters.  And they force their tedious dad-rock inspired playlists on us as well.  But they do play some good music (Pavement in the daytime!), it's not all play-listed cack and even though George Lamb is obviously a total cunt he's not Chris Moyles.  Besides someone needs to keep noodle-armed indie bore Steve Lamacq gainfully employed just so he's not on our streets scaring kids with his weird hair. 
Stewart Maconie's 'Freakzone' championing the likes of Voice of the Seven Thunders and Wolf People is reason enough to save BBC6.  Do it now - email the BBC at -


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