Friday, 18 December 2009

'Strictly for the Birds'

'Strictly for the Birds' (aka 'no time to do new artwork and hope no-one notices the lack of ornithological themed songs') was my last minute contribution to the esteemed Very Good Plus annual Christmas mix swap. It's messy and all-over-the-shop starting off with a fuzz-driven pots and pans bashing Bollywood number before moving swiftly into the hippy-baiting pyschedelics then onto some filthy prog, before detouring through Kraut-lite rock, scratchy surf, beat, French prog-fuzz nonsense, whistley soundtracks, a touch of funk and soul, the obligatory spooked out Beatles cover before collapsing in a sweaty pool of slightly more contemporary stuff. Like I said it's a fucking mess. Ideally I would have had time to draw a cover that wasn't already destined for greater things and screen-print them but I was on the subs bench and only given the go-ahead in the dying stages.

Click on the pic to read the tracklisting.

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