Friday, 31 July 2015

Fact Magazine Trip Hop illustration

Fact magazine have just published a list of the top fifty trip hop records and by way of my murky Ninjatune Forum past I was asked to illustrate it.  It's another dream brief given I own many of the records listed.  Here's a screenshot of the final piece and in addition the piece in full with Beth Orton and Tricky who were cropped for the website.  There's also a coloured version which I ditched as I felt the illustration was too busy with the extra colours.

And my god Beth Gibbons is tricky to draw.  It took four attempts... And from a record perspective I would've definitely included The Runaways 'Classic Tales' and Grantby's 'Coffee Table Music' compilation but you can't have everything.

Huge thanks to John Xela for opportunity.

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