Wednesday, 5 February 2014

'Madame Cthulhu' linocut print

'Madame Cthulhu' is the first in a series of linocut prints I'll be making this year.  I intend to make one every fortnight and print very limited numbers of each. They will be inspired by my favourite things so broadly speaking; horror, folklore, cinema, comics, nature, the occult, cryptozoology, flora and fauna. 

'Madame Cthulhu' is a [not-so-good] working title for the piece; I prefer the following lines that were spinning around my head when I was cutting the lino but they're a little too long for a title;

'People said she came from the sea.
I always felt the sea came from her.'
More info here.

The more observant amongst you will notice we're more than two weeks into 2014;  I have a small back-log of prints to put onto my shop.  It's the most joyless part of the process hence the delay...

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