Monday, 4 March 2013

Quick Draw Live at the Design Museum

Off Life magazine kindly invited me to a live drawing event at the Design Museum on Friday night along with other comic book creators and illustrators including Dan Berry, Lizz Lunney, Kyle Platts, Joe List and Timothy Winchester.  Some of you will remember I illustrated the cover for the second edition of Off Life.  Well done. Those of you that don't - why on earth not?  It's a brilliant free magazine full of brilliant comic strips. BRILLIANT.

For Friday night the concept was relatively simple; 15 - 20 minute rounds in which we all had to draw our take on a suggested topic. I turned up on my own and unwittingly sat down in front of Dan Berry who is something of a master at speedily drawn comics.  So the cack-handed nature of my poorly conceived renderings was further highlighted by my locality to Dan.  I did enjoy how most of the other participants quickly turned on him for drawing too quickly in full-colour with brilliantly considered concepts to the point where he had to apologise for being too good.  He's a lovely fella though so it was hard to stay mad.

Anyway here are mine.  They are for the most part rubbish but it was a fun night and very nice to meet all those involved.  The topics were 'Alternative Uses for a Telephone Box', 'My Life is Full of Strife', '(Lack of) Communication' and 'The Promise Future We Haven't Got'.  I would like to add between rounds we had even less time to neck bottles of beer and I think I might have peaked at around 'Strife...'.  The last one was my rubbish response to the Threadless t-shirt 'This Was Supposed to be the Future' which I've always found a bit annoying.


Joe List said...

So good!

Mat Pringle said...

Thanks Joe! It was lovely to meet you.