Thursday, 11 October 2012

'Just a few of my favourite things'

This was a recent illustration I did that got me thinking maybe I could do it for other people too.  The very simple concept is you pay me £75 and give me a list of all your (or perhaps your significant others) favourite things and I draw the shit out of them on an A3 piece of paper.  Then I send you the original illustration.  The end.

It does require some knowledge of your significant other's tastes.  It is an actual illustration by me which will probably feature some visible draft pencil work by me and maybe some very tiny marks etc.  I could potentially scan it and clean it for you and get a fancy giclee printed for you for an extra fee - but seriously - who would want that over an original?  Not me.

I work in blue pencils, then lead pencils, then dipping pen and indian ink, and then I finish with a couple of ink washes with a brush.  I've avoided drawing actual people in favour of books or records featuring people.  All these details can be ironed out before.  It also helps to have some little things to fill gaps like for example mac n' cheese or feathers or pencils etc.  I think I've made this seem way more confusing than it needs to be.  If in doubt refer back to the initial paragraph.

Below is the final piece which features a nice border for framing and also three close ups.

Available in my shop here.

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