Tuesday, 3 July 2012

'Toys' album promotion

Long time blog followers will be aware of my involvement with Special Benny - I like to think I am to Special Benny what Don Letts was to The Clash (I like to think all kinds of fucking nonsense to be honest)  - and it has been brought to my attention that you can now buy the album 'Toys' on cd for a paltry two quid which also comes with a digital download via the consistently brilliant Proper Songs record label.  Type in the promotional code 'Summermaddness' at the point of purchase for your 75% discount. Click here to have a listen - I like to think of them as Steely Can (again with the nonsense...).

You can also buy a print of the album artwork via my shop here but in keeping with the spirit of the promotion I have a few high quality giclee prints of the artwork only with a smaller border that I am selling for ten quid including postage and packaging. Email me directly at mr.naga@gmail.com if you want one.

Listen to 'Air Filter' to experience the wonder what is Special Benny. 

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