Wednesday, 13 June 2012

'The Jerk' illustration work-in-progress

Here are some progress pictures for a Steve Martin inspired exhibition I was asked to contribute to at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles but I couldn't find a US based screen-printers that could turn the prints around in time for the show.  

As such I'll be either printing it myself or getting some giclees done soon.  It's inspired by the wonderful scene on the beach in 'The Jerk' with some added fantastical elements for good measure.  The illustration was quite frustrating to do and didn't really come together for me until I started layering up some colours and scanned paint textures in Photoshop but I'm really pleased with the final piece.  Apologies for the poor photos.

Bit of a prolonged silence there folks - sorry about that - I've been doing some exhibition installations the last couple of weeks hence no blogging.  

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