Thursday, 5 April 2012

'The Absurd Balloon - The Swamp'

Another illustration in The Absurd Ballon series this time with added colour. I've been hesitant to tweak and colour these illustrations on the computer because for the most part I don't think they need it and I can be a bit of a dick about computers in so much as I think they're massive fucking idiots and not to be relied on in anyway what-so-ever. And everything I enjoy about illustrating is frequently made painful/laborious/ungood with the addition of computers. I'm not even gonna get started on the program Illustrator but 'Live Trace' aside that shit is just maths. Erm - digressed a little bit there - four hours of sleep has made me FUN CITY today.

SO basically here is a colour version and a black and white version. It may be I decide to introduce a dash of colour throughout the series. I'd be interested to know what people think too. I'm probably not going to be posting for a week or so because I'm off to the wilds of Scotland where I first stumbled upon the Absurd Balloon. Don't touch my stuff while I'm away.

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Amanda Wall said...

Hello Mat,

I was reading a feature on you over at IF. You have a great style! I'm glad I took the time to visit your site.


Amanda Wall