Thursday, 15 March 2012

Welcome to my studio...

Oh hey - I didn't see you come in there! Welcome to my studio or as we [I] like to call it - The Dream Factory.

In a bid to not do any proper work I took some photographs of my studio. It measures a few metres square and given space is so limited you will note just how incredibly tidy and organised I have to be. The keen eyed among you may also see that I designated an entire hour yesterday afternoon to 'more orders' and 'porn'. It actually says 'PO run' as in Post Office run. Honest. An hour for porn related activities would be gratuitous.


Matt Carman said...

Here in the States, we call the Post Office "a sometimes pleasant but more often frustrating place of dwindling services and strange surcharges."

And in college dorms, the "lift" is sometimes a "loo!"

Sarah Ryan said...

Ohh! It's just as organized as mine is! I like these photos though...I'm sick of seeing the perfect-white-walled-everything-in-color-order studio pics that everyone posts.