Thursday, 8 March 2012

'I Love Bad Movies 5' zine

The good people that put out the brilliant 'I Love Bad Movies' zines asked me to do the cover of their latest issue. I had the choice of Vanilla Ice's 'Cool As Ice' or Prince's 'Purple Rain' to base my illustration on. That is a life-choice that you only get to make once so a lot of sleepless nights followed. Fortunately fate intervened and within a week of getting the commission BBC4 had a Prince night featuring 'Purple Rain' so my decision was made for me.

My sketchbook from that period is full of scary looking bad portraits of Prince - in my attempts to capture his striking beauty ("he looks like a really fancy lesbian" Kseniya Yarosh) I consistently managed to make him look like Little Richard circa now only scarier. Eventually I came up with the illustration below. It was a many-layered thing - Kseniya did promise to make an animated GIF of it - watch this space...

The zine is available here - I suggest you go and buy it immediately if not sooner.

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