Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Screen-Printing the Fishermen of Southwold

As some of you may remember from a previous post I mentioned I may screen-print some of the fishermen portraits I did this summer in Southwold. I set up the screen a couple of weeks ago and had all kinds of problems with the emulsion - I think it's past its shelf-life so when I coat a screen it goes on very gloopy and takes ages to dry. I did a practice run a week ago and felt the prints were a little too rough and ready. I'd consciously not cleaned my line-work up like I usually do so there were some tiny faults but initially I felt this would add to the 'ye olde' distressed factor of the artwork.

I sat on the test prints for a little bit and had almost come to the decision I should clean the screen off and start again but decided to do some experimental ink washes to the prints to see if it lifted them. It did - the ink wash really makes the prints look great so last week I did a run of fifty prints in a makeshift spot in my mum's lounge. She wasn't best pleased.

I'll be inking them all over the next week or so to sell as a set of three separate prints in frames. All individually ink-washed by me. I'm a sucker for punishment...

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