Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Fishermen of Southwold

On returning from California I immediately set off for a much needed holiday in Southwold. Whilst there I was mooching around the Southwold Sailor's Reading Room (as you do) and chanced upon some gnarled old salty sea dogs. Initially I did heavily detailed portraits of a couple of them which I will no doubt post up at a point but I then did some simpler portraits which in my opinion are significantly better. And here they are. I may take the four best and do a small screen-printed series if I get any interest.

Drawn in dipping pen and ink with a subsequent ink wash they are;

Top row - unknown, unknown, unknown
Middle row - unknown, unknown, Frank Upcraft.
Bottom row - Winner Smith, Slooper Hurr, Frank Palmer.

If anyone knows the other names I'd really appreciate it.

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Pam Lewis said...

Hi Mat. The fisherman on the top right might be Dubber Hurr, he was supposed to always wear a bowler hat. I have seen a photo in a book with him wearing his bowler. Hope this may be of help. Pam Lewis nee Hurr