Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Squarepusher 'Ultravisitor' lp illustration

In certain circles I've heard people say they don't get Squarepusher. Well I don't get people that don't get Squarepusher. Unfortunately whilst I do get Squarepusher I can't draw him very well. This whole series of badly rendered illustrations of my favourite records is partly an exercise in drawing something I wouldn't usually draw and doing it quickly and without too much agonizing hence the patchy quality control.

Patchy quality control is something people have criticized Tom Jenkinson about but I don't agree at all. 'Ultravisitor' is to my mind his most consistent album and it features the second best song he's ever produced in 'Iambic 9 Poetry' (after 'Port Rhombus'). In fact he's done tons of amazing songs like 'Theme From Ernest Borgnine', 'Ultravisitor', 'Squarepusher Theme', 'Beep Street', 'Journey to Reedham (7am mix)', 'Tundra' and 'Goodnight Jade' - someone that does get Squarepusher should make a best of quick.

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