Friday, 7 January 2011

The Beatles 'The Blue Album' lp illustration

This may look like a conceited attempt to dodge any accusations of music snobbery - after all what self-regarding music snob would include a Beatles album amongst their favourite records let alone a compilation?

Truth be told I'd happily cite 'Revolver' as my favourite Beatles lp but it seems a bit misguided attempting to re-illustrate something that's already beautifully illustrated in the first place. Plus the fact I'd do it really fucking badly. 'Abbey Road' and 'Rubber Soul' would also be contenders but I was pretty much brought up on the 'Red' and the 'Blue' album. In fact I used my mum's very own copy of the 'Blue' album to draw from. It used to be my mum's copy anyway. I digress - the 'Blue' album has a couple of half-decent songs on it and I fancied trying my hand at the complex geometric perspective of the flats or something.

I also decided to move away from the shrimp eyes for this one - not really sure why as it fucks up any consistency I had going on in the series but I couldn't capture any facial resemblance with shrimp eyes. Not sure I managed to capture any facial resemblance by drawing them normally in truth - at one point Annie looked over my shoulder and mistook Paul for Chewbacca which is fairly damning/rad depending on your point of view. The Beatles would've been a very different beast if Paul had been Chewbacca but I can't help thinking Chewie would struggle with the melodic complexities of the 'Abbey Road' b side. That said I can't imagine Han Solo would put up with Paul's 'Frog Chorus' vision either.

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