Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Zine - Samandtheplants

Here is my final zine contribution in full colour for Samandtheplants featuring Sam's home-made musical contraption. It was a tough choice (as documented on this blog previously) but 'The Eft' is easily the best record to come out since Joanna Newsom's 'Ys'. Besides Pavement are difficult to draw and don't really need another blog frothing at the mouth over them.

If you haven't bought it yet there's still a few of the Vivian Stanshall run left so hurry. Henry St Ledger is the rad.


Jonathan said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The detail is astounding! I agree with Jonathan--very beautiful.
(seen on Illustration Friday)

Mat Pringle said...

Thanks Auroran! I don't usually post up old stuff on Illustration Friday but felt this really hit the spot.